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NZ Forum 2020 10 yr anniversary and Riley ride

Started by sweede490, July 15, 2019, 07:07:54 PM

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Quote from: Martin I Henry on July 16, 2019, 06:24:51 PM
Wayne, the problem is that one visit to NZ is not enough, you will want to keep going back!

You would be very welcome.



Have been researching Backpacker Hostels and Motorcycle rental.

Think my Cousin lives in Bay of Plenty area, obvs not in the bay, that would be weird.


No need for hostel Wayne , there?s always a spare bed here and I?m sure other members
  Are happy to put up any member who?s willing to make the effort to come over

  There?s a place in Blenheim that hires out adventure bikes they?ve got my old Ducati
  Pretty reasonable too for memory.. Jono knows the place




I've been looking at plane ticket prices... hmmmmmm


Go on Les you know you want too  :)

   I?ve got a couple spare helmets, my old boots if any help , fuel and bike too
    Any international members interested in coming we?ll do what we can to accommodate to
    Help keep costs down



Quote from: sweede490 on July 16, 2019, 04:06:03 PM
Steady that pic brought back some memories lol , sad my hair isn?t that colour anymore  :(

Man time flies ...


Haha it sure does ....  I wouldn't worry about hair colour... would be glad just to have hair at all  ;D 8)


I've found tickets for $180 each way and car hire is affordable too. Would be 2-3 days over to say gidday.

The brownie points currently are at we'll see. . . Which is good.



Hey Les , no need for a rental I?m sure one of the Auckland members could collect you from the airport if not I will same as we did for Jock

  Prob best to arrive Thursday arvo-night then head to track Friday ride ect to Sunday
Fly home Monday.. but if you could only do Friday-Sunday we could make something work
There?s enough time to wing something

Give Jock a call he?ll give you the rundown, bring him with you  ;D




I'll hopefully be able to make it, ...and.....Hopefully i'll have two bikes to share around ;D.



Hopefully you?ll make it Steve.. 2012 was the one Jock came to have a scroll thru the pics
It was a good one that one

The first video Jock did at the end of the pics is s hard case to watch . I haven?t seen that for a few