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NZ Forum 2020 10 yr anniversary and Riley ride

Started by sweede490, July 15, 2019, 07:07:54 PM

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I do sh_t ... cant help myself.
Couldnt  even start to add up the amount of times ive been all gussied up for town and thought ill just...
next minute stained shirt or coverd in shyte.
My request is at least a dark colour !
You more metro types can have lavender  :P



Could get one done in camo  ;D

  I think we all agree a dark colour is best , I?ll find out what $ are and what they?re able to do
  And go from there , but keep the ideas coming



Ok I looked into T shirts , screen set up is $45 per colour ie to have blue yellow and black is three
     Colours so $135 , two colours $90 you get the picture
   It?s $6.85 to screen each shirt and the T shirt itself is $10.15
  They are the same brand as the cookyadina  shirts so pretty good
  So basically to get say 30 shirts done in 3 colour print would be just under $30
   And obviously more shirts = cheaper less = slightly dearer

  And you are looking at around $27 a shirt to get the logo embroidered
  If that is preferred

Also they a good selection of T shirts colours.  there is a good blue but also grey, black  ::)
So you could pick your own colour T it doesn?t cost any xtra

So there you have it  :) have a think about it , Either a embroided logo on the top left
Or a print .... and what to put on it
    Also The decals are underway



Nice work Muzz,
By the way ...I'm a Bogan 8) ;D



Lol cheers .,I know mate I think we all suffer from a bit of the inner bogan  :)



Good shirt Nana woods.
Appreciate the effort

  How about something like

  Pirini Home of NZ

Someone could make it look cool
Not me im a bit of a bogan if you hadnt noticed  :P


   I think Pirini's deserve a mention they have been brliliant for us for over 10 years


If you want to recognise the Riley Brothers, they are part of the #DFR Racing organisation  ;D ;D


Hey Muzz, pretty good chance we will be there & I wont let Betty near the husky (she is still out with her broken wrist), was my birthday from memory(getting old),


Oh is that how Betty broke her wrist .. it was your birthday  :)

    All good Alex it?s a while off and I?m sure will be a good few days



Yep but she still blamed it on me, says the WR was too fast for her (yeah rite),
Black shirts for me - hides the oil stains