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NZ Forum 2020 10 yr anniversary and Riley ride

Started by sweede490, July 15, 2019, 07:07:54 PM

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Did she forget the safe word Again


Lol .. I did mention Alex I didn?t think ? faster? was a good safe word



Hi Muzz, nice work on the shirts.... I'll have to join the Bogan movement on Tee shirt colour...although a nice Waikato green shirt could be tempting.....


  Hey Steady all good mate , prob more important at this stage is what to put on it  :)

  For example if a bike is to be put on , on a black T shirt you won?t see the tyres , motor
Pipe , frame .. anything that?s black .. just a thought

I have a picture in mind that might look good in a sketch form I went thru some old mags
For ideas and liked the stance of the bike I think it would look good sketched up
That way you could print it in one colour and also print it on different coloured shirts
I?ll put a the pic up later see what you think

But all ideas welcome  also a ballpark idea of numbers as the printer will need to know as in the more
Shirts the better discount. At this stage your looking at $27-$30 a shirt so for say 30 T shirts
Your looking at around $900 up front

If anyone else wants to check out there local screen printer get some ideas prices etc feel free



This is the pic I was thinking of

Might look ok with above
And supported by Pirini bike park underneath.. sort of thing ?


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Like you said today Muzz, classic IT stance and the 465 sits in the middle of the IT lifespan.
I like it


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Decals are done hope all are happy with them , 2 sizes a toolbox size and bike size
So to speak


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Martin I Henry

Nice work Muzz.

Can't wait to get my hands on a couple.



Hi Dave , yeh mate they came out ok . I?ve got someone sketching up the 465 pic to see if it could
                Work for a shirt/print I?ll let you know what she comes up with

  The IT kiwi (decal) would work on a shirt too I think



Sweet that was qwick
  Ill take half a doz of the small ones thanks
Oh and 2 biguns, for the rider tank on the J