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NZ Forum 2020 10 yr anniversary and Riley ride

Started by sweede490, July 15, 2019, 07:07:54 PM

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Same Muzz

I?ll be sticking them on everything

And yeah - the decal on a shirt is definitely an idea to consider


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Will do Bruce and Julia, I?ve noted it down 6 & 2 

  It was $100 to get them done which makes them $1.15 each lol
I did ask for 30 of each originally but somehow got 57 and 30 guess his abacus broke  ::)
No matter
I know we?re about 5 mths early lol but do you guys want these now or on the actual ride ?

Anyho  Place your orders and I?ll divie them up and I?ll order more if we need to be easy now they are
On file

Also was anyone else wanting to look into getting shirts done ?
Or any other ideas for design
I think a good starting point is to make a list of who wants how many , what size and colour
So we have a reasonably accurate number which will help with the pricing

  I?ll go :Muzz 2 xl 1 blue 1 grey
            Bruce 2 xl black
            Julia 2 x med 1 blue 1 black
           Dave 2 x L 1 blue 1 black
           Alex 3  2x XL 1 blue 1 black 1x med blue
          DevonDan 2x L 1 blue 1 black
          Wayne    1 x medium



You got a great sign guy thats cheap

ill take 10 small 3 large stickers


Bruce; 2 in xl  1 black and the other one can be.......... Black



Yeh he?s pretty good he was always quite reasonable with the bike decals too

, I?ve penciled it in 👍.     Definitely going to need more small done


Martin I Henry

Muzz, I would like the stickers now !

Six small.
Four large.

2 L shirts.... Whatever colour is the fastest!




Hi Muzz, ill grab 1 x XL Black, 1 x XL Blue 1 x med Blue
& 5 of each stickers,
Let me know when you need some $$$ & ill rip a few more oldies off - nah just kidding(yeah rite)



 All good Alex got you penciled in 👍

I?ve ordered 30 more small also




Here?s the sketch done to see if it would work on s shirt , has potential

Jono and Julia have also come up with some good ideas we?ll post them up and see what what the consensus

  Feel free to put ideas up , also we need to get a good idea of numbers as it?s not worth
Getting 12-15 shirts done they would end up
About $80 each lol we need a run of 25-30
To make it worth while


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I?ll certainly have a couple of t shirts, 1 black, 1 blue both Large plus 2 large 2 small stickers.



Hey Dan got you penciled in for a couple shirts , and have put aside 2 large im just waiting for another set of 30 small stickers they went pretty quick and will sort 2 for you