Only available in 1980, the Yamaha IT425 put professional performance within reach of regular consumers and enduro enthusiasts. The engine, based on the one from the YZ400 motocrosser, offered 46 bhp at 6500 rpm. That’s pretty stout, considering the bike had 12 inches of ground clearance, a 56-inch wheelbase, and weighed just 244 lbs — a true 2-stroke trail weapon of the 1980s.

This 1980 Yamaha IT425 was built to compete in all three disciplines at the Wheels & Waves festival in and around Biarritz, France: Punk’s Peak (Sprint Race), Swank Rally (Enduro), and El Rollo (Flat Track). In fact, we had the good luck of being just inches away when Sito himself kicked the bike to life in a roaring fit of blue-burning oil and headed for the starting line at Punk’s Peak last summer.

This kind of all-around performance harks back to the Superbikers concept of the 1980s, which birthed the world of supermoto:
“Original enduro bike, but transformed to revive the 2-stroke SuperBiker/Supermoto 80s concept.”

What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?
YAMAHA IT 425, 1980.

What was the design concept and what influenced the build?
Original enduro bike, but transformed to revive the 2-stroke SuperBiker/Supermoto 80s concept.

The project was created to ride in all disciplines at Wheels and Waves with the same motorbike: Sprint Race “Punks Peak,” Flattrack “El Rollo,” and Enduro “Swank Rally.” We can change the style in 45 minutes — from Supermoto to Enduro, and Enduro to Supermoto.

What custom work was done to the bike?
We modified the wheels, tires, brakes, suspension and horsepower.

Does the bike have a nickname?
5Special Supermoto.

How would you classify this bike?

Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?
Bring back the power of 80’s 2-stroke motorbikes, using the best magnesium Marzocchi fork.